The Electrical Inspectors Association of Alberta is comprised of electrical inspectors throughout Alberta who share a common interest in electrical safety.


The primary focus of the EIAA is to provide education and to assist the government and private industry in understanding the Code and its application.


The aims and objectives of the EIAA are as follows:

  • To be an Association for Electrical Safety Codes Officers in the Province of Alberta.
  • To co-operate in the formulation of standards for the safe installation and use of electrical materials, devices and appliances.
  • To promote the uniform understanding and application of the Canadian Electrical Code, and other applicable rules and regulations.
  • To promote co-operation between the Public, Safety Codes Officers, Accredited Agencies and the Electrical Industry.
  • To collect and disseminate information relative to the safe use of electricity.
  • To represent the Electrical, Safety Codes Officers, in all matters which are dealt with nationally and internationally by the electrical industry.
  • To co-operate with national and international organizations in furthering the development of the electrical industry.
  • To unite persons socially who are involved in the Electrical Industry.
  • The Electrical Inspectors Association of Alberta shall be non-political and nonsectarian.