EIAA Section 24 (Patient Care) Webinar 2023

From June 23, 2023 00:08 until June 23, 2023 12:00

At Virtual conference

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The EIAA is offering a Webinar on Section 24 (Patient Care).  The session will be Saturday, June 24th, 2023 @ 8:30 AM (MST).

Our Presenter will be: Ark Tsisserev with AES Engineering.   To register please click the "Register" button above.

 Note Registration is now closed

Understanding Section 24 of the CE Code and CSA standard Z32

  • The Role of Codes and Standards in electrical design, installation, and inspection of Health Care Facilities
  • The Difference between voluntary and mandatory Codes and Standards
  • The Extent of regulatory enforcement of electrical design and installations in a HCF: What, Why and How?
  • Life safety system or essential electrical system – who is to say?
  • The Role of the HCF Administrator in application and installation requirements of the Codes and Standards
  • Testing and commissioning of equipment and systems.
  • Questions

Seminar Facilitator: Ark Tsisserev                                                                                                           

  • Chair of Section 24 S/C of the CE Code
  • Chair of the TC for Z32

The seminar will include a quiz which requires a pass mark of 70% for those wanting a certificate of completion. The quiz is optional.

The seminar counts for 3 Professional Development hours.


Registration fee is $20.00 for EIAA members.

Registration fee for non-members of EIAA is $49.00.